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A microsite is a site within a site, so to speak. A brand within a brand, a showcase for a company's particular product, with a site all about that one product. Thus I have at present five active specific carburetor-dedicated microsites, cbxcarbs.com, goldwingcarbs.com, cb750carbs.com, cb1100fcarbs.com, and v4hondacarbs.com. And there are more coming, each devoted to a particular model carburetor that I specialize in rebuilding.

www.cbxcarbs.com was the first of my microsites, dedicated to the unique CBX. I added it a few years ago to my main site, www.motorcycleproject.com. Click on the image or the link to go to the CBX carburetor website. I have many years of experience and training in rebuilding, tuning, and servicing the Honda CBX. I put over 50,000 miles on the my 81 in just 18 months through several trips up and down the Western U.S., over to the midwest, and a ton of commuting. It was later sold during a time of economic need, but, after the second owner having it for 10 years I managed to buy it back and am presently rebuilding it.

www.goldwingcarbs.com is another very busy Motorcycle Project website. Click on the image or the link to go to the website. The original four-cylinder Goldwing and I go way back. You can read about that at this link. A former GWRRA member and ex-Honda corporate office employee, in my dealership days I did a lot of carburetor work on these bikes, and in recent years I have been blessed to be able to devote time to carburetors exclusively, with the Goldwing a large part of my business.

www.cb750carbs.com is also one of my microsites, in addition to my main site, www.motorcycleproject.com. Click on either the image or link to go to the website. During the mid to late 1970s I worked for Bill Robertson's Honda in North Hollywood, a large metro L.A. shop where I serviced SOHC Hondas several times a day. I can still feel and hear those bikes. I also eventually put 91,000 miles on my own CB500 Four.

www.cb1100fcarbs.com is another of my Motorcycle Project microsites. Click on the image or link to go to the website. I do a lot of early Honda DOHC fours, including the 750, 900, 1000, and 1100F and the Euro-spec 1100R. Simple but elegant carburetors, these, and timeless motorcycles.

www.v4hondacarbs.com is the newest Motorcycle Project spinoff. Click on the image or link to go to the website. Check out my articles on the venerable 1st-gen V4s, including their carburetors, camshafts, restoration and more.

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