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The default booklet international shipping rate is USPS First Class International. If you would rather opt for faster Priority Mail just say so but realize the jump from First Class to Priority is not just 10 percent or 20 percent. It is 200 to 300 percent! Yes, averaging $40-60! More than the cost of the booklet, which is why I stopped shipping Priority. All international customers receive an email containing the U.S. Customs tracking number. Be aware of very long shipping times of up to two months.

I cannot falsify customs documents, so please don't ask. For all international shipments I declare on the customs forms the correct value, but I will also write "Used motorcycle parts for repair." For most countries' customs departments, this is effective in lowering your customs duties. Thank you for your understanding, and most sincerely thank you for your business!

UPDATE 2020: The Covid situation has doubled and tripled normal international shipping durations. I don't see this changing very soon. Domestic shipping timelines do not seem to be much affected.

UPDATE 2021/2022: Covid is still affecting international shipping, but now there seems to be a special problem with Australia. Near as I can tell they are blocking mailings from the US, with the result that my booklets are returned and USPS refuses to refund my shipping. Europe and Norway seem to be unaffected.

UPDATE April 2022: International shipping via USPS is becmming a problem. They just doubled their rates to Canada and so I have adjusted the shopping cart commensurately. Europe is at this point an unknown and suspended until I either get a handle on it or switch to FedEx.

Last updated April 2022
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