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A little something different for The Motorcycle Project, huh? This essay came out of a college writing requirement. The event actually happened, in the summer of 1984, when I was on my way to an event put on by the Honda Sport Touring Association, of which I was a member. It is included on this website for two reasons. First, some years ago when health and other factors dictated, some folks who saw that my fingernails were too clean, and saw no motorcycle in my garage (and for that matter, no garage!), expressed doubt that I had any history in the motorcycle business, or was ever a rider of motorcycles. However, although family and health issues have changed all that, I was, on both counts. In fact, I used to have a vocational registration. That is a special registration that California gave to vocational drivers (and riders). It allowed two extra points against your license. I got it by virtue of verfiying that I rode over 25,000 miles a year. I have been up and down the western coast of the U.S. several times, once in just two days, from L.A. to Port Angeles, Washington. One of my rides, from San Diego to Galena Illinois and back through Montana and Idaho and finally to California again (1985) covered over 3,000 miles in just eight days. For a while, I hung out with folks who did that kind of riding nearly all the time. Not to mention that living in Southern California often means for many people communting 50~100 miles a day to work and back. Let me tell you, I needed those extra points! I was once called into the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) office downtown to a hearing about whether I should have my license revoked, due to having so many speeding tickets. So, you youngsters, yes, I too am a motorcyclist. The second reason I included this article was just to lighten things up a bit. With all the technical stuff on this site, it seemed appropriate to have some non-technical material. Hope you enjoyed it.

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