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There is a part of your carburetor that is like children. Nobody wants them, nobody talks about them, they're expensive, and indifference about them is almost endemic. However, as a carburetor rebuild customer there is one thing you need to understand above all else. A thing you have probably never thought about, a thing that has probably never even been on your radar, and yet it is the single most important aspect of your carburetor rebuild. It's more important than the method of cleaning, more important than shipping methods, and believe it or not, even more critical than the experience and reputation of the rebuilder you choose.

Float valves. Ninety percent of carburetor rebuilders, including some pretty well known ones, ignore the simple but scandalous fact that the huge glut of available aftermarket float valves from all kinds of sources are absolute crap and will turn even the most skillfully and carefully performed carb rebuild into a disaster. They're simply not well made. And with a carburetor's float system already by design being a tenuous quest for liquid tightness, aftermarket float valves just turn a peaceful but delicate detante into a full-fledged war, guarantying that the customer will have to be constantly vigilent and learn to make allowances and excuses for chronically incontinent carburetors.

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