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The powersports community suffers from its share of myths and fallacies. The CBX1000 however draws to itself its own brand of nonsense. The following are common CBX misconceptions and untruths.

  • The carburetors cannot be made to work right
  • The cam holder bolts are weak and snap
  • Aftermarket keyswitches are just as good as OEM
  • The engine must be lowered to get the valve cover off
  • Aftermarket alternator brushes are a-okay
  • Low speed roughness is normal
  • The CBX carbs come from the factory lean
  • The exhaust must be removed to remove the carburetors
  • The CBX electrical system is under-powered
  • There's nothing wrong with aftermarket suppressive plug wires
  • Premium gas is best
  • Exhaust bluing is necessarily caused by carburetor problems
  • Aftermarket exhausts cause the carbs to need rejetting
  • The Dynojet kit is a good thing
  • The K&N is a good air filter
  • Big bore pistons cause the carbs to need rejetting
  • Running the carbs "dry" is a worthwhile technique

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Last updated November 2022
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