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Replacing the Honda SOHC 750 Cam Chain
One of the ways you can tell when the SOHC engine needs a new cam chain is when there is a gradual loss of power over a long time (due to cam timing drift). Replacing the Honda SOHC 750 Cam Chain shows you how to check the cam chain, and then proceeds with the step-by-step replacement of this important part. You'll learn about the correct tools and procedures, and how to inspect for wear of associated parts, all of this as it relates to this important task. And don't think that this booklet is simply about the cam chain. Since the the crankcases must be separated to properly do this job, this book also contains valuable tips on what else to so once inside. Inspecting the transmission, checking the oil pump, potential problem areas such as the alternator wiring and transmission linkage, the proper use of sealants, determining the wear of critical internal engine parts, the importance of the neutral switch, proper bolt torquing procedures, avoiding common assembly mistakes, and how to repair stripped threads. There's even a concise tutorial on how the transmission works! Therefore, consider this one a bottom end rebuild book. Fully half of this 8 1/2" by 11", 40-page booklet is devoted to inspection and reassembly. Over 140 clear illustrations, most of them close-ups. Contact me for more information. Here's a sample page.

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