® The GL1000 idle jet

The idle jet rules the GL1000 carburetor. No other carburetor circuit makes as much difference performance-wise as the idle jet. But it can be a challenge. It is the smallest jet in the carburetor. It is buried the deepest and often difficult to remove. Its hole is only 0.013" in diameter, meaning this: unless you just removed and cleaned it, count on it being at least partly blocked. Guaranteed. And lastly, the idle jet affects not only idle but also starting, accelerating from a stop, and even cruising -- yes, cruising, at low load and low rpm. Nothing is more critical to a pleasant-performing GL1000. Make sure the jet is clean, and this does not mean merely blowing air through it. Also make sure the idle circuit's air bleed jets under the vacuum piston are the correct sizes. The idle jet really does rule.

Last updated November 2021
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