® Street Pro-Link shock service

  • 1981-1982 Honda CBX1000 (shown)
  • 1981-1982 Honda GL500
  • 1982-1985 VF700/750 Sabre
  • 1984-1985 VF1100 Sabre

  • Inspect shock for serviceability
  • Remove seal using the Honda method
  • Inspect interior for damage
  • Drain/purge shock oil
  • Install new high quality Viton seal
  • Fill using original spec Honda oil
  • Pressure test before shipping

It takes a hydraulic press, and special knowledge and tools to do this job right. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. And if you decide to take on this job yourself, beware. Just removing that mongo snap-ring can be a challenge.

CBX Pro-Link shock removal/imstall


  1. Loosen front of exhaust, unbolt muffler hangers
  2. Remove sidestand (if regreasing links)
  3. Remove rear wheel to lighten swingarm
  4. String-hang swingarm to keep level
  5. Carefully tap out plastic damper adjuster guide bush
  6. Disconnect shock hose at shrader body using 10mm and 14mm wrenches
  7. Unbolt lower four pro-link bolts (leave two on frame unless regreasing links)
  8. Loosen but don't remove lower shock bolt
  9. Remove upper shock bolt
  10. Lower shock down together with wishbone, folding shock to clear swingarm

Back in:

  1. Bolt shock to wishbone loosely
  2. Make sure dogbones point almost straight down
  3. The damper adjuster goes to right, the two hoses to the left
  4. Install shock and wishbone
  5. Insert top shock bolt loosely
  6. Tap in damper adjuster guide bush
  7. Attach dogbones loosely
  8. Attach wishbone to swingarm loosely
  9. Align shock dust boot and attach drain hose
  10. Route air hose carefully behind battery box
  11. Tighten four lower Pro-Link bolts
  12. Tighten shock top bolt
  13. Tighten shock bottom bolt
  14. Reinstall exhaust
  15. Reinstall sidestand (if removed)
  16. Reinstall rear wheel
  17. Reinstall shock hose to schrader body using 10mm and 14mm wrenches

CBX1000 shock done recently for Wes Anderson in Texas. Only 1400 miles on this beautiful 1981 survivor.

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