bike evans VF1100C

Rattly VF1100C engine. Needs cam chain tensioners replaced. While in there, checking out the cams. Problem area often. This is the problem part, times two (one for each cylinder bank, front and rear).
Replacement parts ready to be installed. Cams out, tensioners going in. Pry marks on the cam bearings. Looks like someone has been in here before.
More rat marks. Clear deck. One messy part of this job is having to remove the upper fuel tank. There are two fuel tanks on this bike. Here the fuel is being pumped down to the level of the lower tank.
One of the hoses underneath the upper tank. The other hose. This one is extremely vulnerable. It needs to be replaced every time you tough it pretty much. This hose is preformed from the factory. Not just an ordinary hose.
Out of the bike. New one going in. Ugh! Had to use a breaker bar to remove the oil filter!