bike brown CBX

Oil leak from alternator-to-engine gasket. Intake manifold clamps overtightened. Oil leak from cam chain tensioner B adjuster lockbolt. Common.
Valve cover gasket leak. More oil from valve cover. More.
More. Some rust ripples in exhaust muffler. This is from short rides without sufficient engine use. Other side also.
Not great. Cam chains were very loose. Dyna ignition mis-installed.
Corrected. Dropped the oil pan as I always do on these bikes. A little gunky.
More. More. Cleaned up and ready to go back on.
Oil pump screen checked also. Had some brake issues too. Check this out. A little heavy-handed, eh?
The brakes rebuilt. Alternator drive disks were scored heavily. They were reconditioned.
Brushes were almost gone. Closeup.