bike mehta

Severaal years ago I was commissioned to repair a CBX1000 engine that was running badly. The customer thought it was carburetor trouble. It wasn't. This is the cylinder compression in one of the cylinders. 0. And this was why. That's a burned exhaust valve. It was caused by allowing the valve clearances to get too tight, which is common on CBXs. He had more problems too. Note one of the spark plugs is installed tilted, i.e. cross-threaded.
The spark plug. Plugs fouled as well. Junk arrangement.
Carburetor cable bracket bent. Choke linkage bent up. Vacuum tops spuged up.
More. More. Bowl vents deteriorated.
This is always interesting. Those pockmarks are from someone trying to stop a leak. The thing is, first, you rap on the bowl only with the plastic handle end of a screwdriver, not with a claw hammer! Second, if after one or two taps the leaking continues, guess what? The fault is not dirt in the float valve! Stop and fix it, don't keep hammering! More. More.
More. Flags left on pilot screws. Why? One bent one.
No sealing washer. Carbs just out of the ultrasonic. More.
Some of the float bowls needed solder repair, as usual with this model. Engine work commencing. Pistons.
Cylinder head getting professional valve job. More. More.
More. More. Using pattern-made valves. More.
Deteriorated cover bolt seals. Damaged plug wires and caps. Aftermarket oil filter.
Ruptured tach drive oil seal. Brake work iminent.