bike iwitarsa

Had a young fellow from L.A. come over with his bike. Nice shape overall, but with running issues. The carburetors were probably the worst of it. Had silver paint on them too... had to remove the paint with paint stripper.
Carbs apart and just out of the ultrasonic. Pretty low ground clearance with that Japanese-made 6-1. If it wasn't for the slightly overlength Koni shocks it would be even worse. Melted connectors.
More. More. More corrosion.
Low compression also. And some pretty bad leakdown. Also the fairly common ignition box failure.
Lot of spray can paint. His alternator drive disks were munged up, replaced them with new. And some oil leaks were taken care of.
Glue on valve cover bolt seals. Lot of brake fluid all over. More.
Breather hose. Very common. New ignition boxes installed. Battery almost dry.
After new gasket on oil filler housing. Dropped oil pan as a matter of routine maintenance. Not too bad inside, not as grungy as expected. No debris on pump screen either. Very nice!
All better now! After adjusting the valves and knocking the carbon off number four, compression came up all around. Now nice inside and out! Going back on.
The customer is happy!