carbs greeff Venture

Bowl vent broken off -- common on all Yamaha carbs of this period. I have a spare one for you. The leftover broken piece. Here is one of the other three.
This looks like someone has defeated the vacuum petcock on the bike. Do you want a better plug for this nipple or are you intending to put the vacuum petcock back in service? Three of the slide diaphragms show flex damage, typical of the older cloth-based diaphragms. Another one with creasing damage.
And a third with creasing damage. This is the fourth diaphragm that has completely failed. Someone knew this as the screws show signs of being removed. Another shot.
Half of the four aircut diaphragms have chemical damage, meaning someone tried to clean these carbs without disassembling them. Not smart. Lot of rust in these carbs. I collected all the rust from all four carbs. A lot! You absolutely MUST attend to the fuel tank and all the fuel delivery lines and systems.
These rubber plugs are in the wrong holes. This would make the bike run ridiculously rich.