bike 360T howell

Typical of these bikes, the starter clutch screws had backed out. The starter clutch mounts on the crankshaft and connects the electric starter to the engine. This started a chain of events that destroyed the starter clutch.
More. More. The worse part of the damage, the chewed up starter clutch inner.
All new parts were found, and the new screws thread-locked in. All better! The alternator wiring inspected and resealed.
This model has a centrifugal style oil filter. Opening it up. Removed the filter for a closer look inside.
Scraping the gunk out. Rebuilt brakes at the same time. Replaced pitted brake piston.
All better now! Discovered the fork caps on backward. Pretty common when someone not familiar with Hondas has worked on the bike. Very dirty fork oil.
Polishing the tubes, otherwise they are good. Wrong size nuts. Replaced the fuel valve (petcock).
Replaced the tank cap seal. Discovered an oil leak behind the points plate. Replaced the rubber seals.
Rebuilt the carburetors. New fuel hoses and filters. Resealed the intake manifolds while there.
Did an engine tune. More. Checking spark plug caps.
There were a number of things awry chassis-wise. Aftermarket sprocket, worn. Rear brake pedal was bent out of shape. Steering bearings were very loose.
Footpeg brackets were bent. More. Left rear shock mounting bolts were loose.
The handlebar clamps were not assembled properly. Spot painted the engine and chassis here and there. Getting close.