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I am frequently asked to supply my booklets in electronic or ebook form. Here is the situation. I will at the outset assume everyone is aware that Adobe's Acrobat has no serious security feature, and that the same is true for any pdf creation substitute. So what we are talking about then is digital rights management, or DRM, the same technology that makes digital music sales viable for the artists who create it. It's the agreed-on solution.

From the beginning I considered going electronic, and I appreciate the difficulty shipping has become, especially lately with increased USPS postage and other countries' burdensome customs duties. Consequently I have explored how ebooks might work and still be secure. Well, all these years (since 2005) I have been looking into it, and one year I even spent weeks discussing this with two heavyweight DRM providers and testing their products, meeting with them. It's hopeless. At the small business level, there is no such thing as DRM. Period. The companies admit it, strangely enough (with one, I found that as secure as the product was on a PC, all bets were off on a Mac! Can you believe it?!) So, until genuine DRM happens at a level below $20,000 a year, it's no good, unfortunately. A shame, that.

What I have tried to do in the meantime is establish dealers for my booklets in non-U.S. locations. This seems an ideal solution as not only would shipping be greatly reduced, but customs duties eliminated as well. Not to mention much shorter delivery times in many cases. I can't think of a better outcome for the customer. Reaching out to interested parties all over the world, specifically Canada, Norway, Netherlands, the UK, Australia and elsewhere, excitingly I intially received positive responses. However, now almost two years later, only one of those contacted has followed through, Sirius Consolidated in Ontario, Canada. Be advised however that Sirius does not carry my full catalog, only selected booklets.

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