® Official Kawasaki US dealer training KDS book

Couple things. First, be aware that some time in 2017 and 2018 Kawasaki is planning to completely replace Kawasaki Diagnostic System (KDS) with a completely different, more modern system. This manual therefore will become obsolete at that time. It can nonetheless help those with Concours motorcycles made up until this point. So enjoy!

This is the genuine, factory-generated and authorized dealer training lesson plan and student workbook, circa 2016. As such, it is rich in content, perhaps a little too rich for some, and may assume a little too much prior background understanding, knowledge and experience. It was constructed (by myself) to meet the needs of Kawasaki dealers, many of whom needed to start at square one, thus the linear, even granular outline and progression of the content. As for all that, don't expect your dealer to be familiar with this booklet. Kawasaki like most Japanese OEMs does not force its dealers to attend technical training.

Finally, this book is not meant to be a substitute for the KDS user's booklet (that comes with KDS), or the official Concours service manual. Certain operations such as replacing Concours ECUs, are very tricky and specialized, and the best resources for that task are mentioned above. This book trained Kawasaki dealers in KDS relative to all Kawasaki products, not just the Concours, thus ECU replacement is not its focus, but rather the more common and practical use of the software, that of its diagnostic role. Click on the image to open the document.

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