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This website began in the early 1990s, I don't even remember exactly when. It was at first merely an outlet, a vehicle, for technical writing. I created articles based on my experience as a career motorcycle technician, shop manager, and vocational instructor since my completing the training program at Los Angeles Trade-Tech in 1975, to the present. With now over 40 years in the powersports industry, and a writer by inclination, I have a lot of ideas and plans for future writing projects.

Speaking of writing, except where otherwise noted, all the written material on this website is original. That's virtually all of it, as I have borrowed nothing. Any non-attributed reappearance of my work elsewhere is unauthorized plagiarism, and where found a quick heads-up regarding it would be appreciated. In fact, let me know of even attributed copying, if you would be so kind, as I prefer that others link rather than merely copy.

In 2005 I took this website commercial when I began producing how-to booklets, starting with Cleaning the Honda CBX Carburetor, which has sold over 3,000 copies to virtually every country in the world. Even Honda R&D bought one! There are many more booklets now, and Lord willing, there are many more coming. Unfortunately, the site has languished in recent years due to other commitments, but in 2012 I was able to put a plan together to revitalize the site and devote much more energy to its maintenance. Since then I have added a lot of content, including but by no means limited to some microsite pages reflecting my long-term business focus on carburetors, and am working on more commercial functionality, including offering commonly-needed carburetor maintenance parts and supplies. Maybe. Some day. But the Motorcycle Project will always be about celebrating vintage Japanese motorcycles with their owners and fans. That's you! I sincerely hope you get something from it. Take the time to tell me so. I would enjoy dialoguing with you.

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